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We couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you! from all of us at The House of Shutters - We have been overwhelmed by the swell of support for our UK manufactured Premier Sussex hardwood Shutters in recent days and weeks.

In all our 19 years as an independent UK shutter manufacturer or our 25 years in the shutter industry, we have never seen or appreciated more, the challenging times that everyone has faced and still faces as we recover our businesses and livelihoods.


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We too have worried how we will be able to overcome such an unprecedented situation but you have all been extraordinary in your support and messages of encouragement and to all of you, we thank you.

As a result, we are grateful and happy to report that we are seeing an almost precedented level of business returning to our workshop facility at Bosham, Chichester over the last 6-8 weeks as lockdown has eased and life is encouraged to return to normal.

We will continue to do everything we can to keep up with demand and thank you for your patience during this very strange period of time.

All we can say is..... ”we couldn’t do it without you”

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