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Heat-blocking Properties of Interior Shutters

Stay calm and keep cool with plantation shutters during the scorcher of the Summer.

Summer is finally here!! Simmering heat, scorching sunlight that will leave you sweating in no time – this is the perfect season for everyone to take a short nap and enjoy an iced cold drink. Thank goodness that there’s a saving grace to ward off all these stresses from the summer heat. You guessed it right – Plantation Shutters! With the best kind of heat-blocking properties of interior shutters, cooling down in your home from the sweltering summer season has never been easier. Find out why plantation shutters are the right solution to tackling the heatwave.

Beat the Summer heat thanks to the Heat-blocking properties of Interior Shutters

Plantation shutters are a great home improvement choice for any homeowner. You may not realize it, but plantation shutters are more than just pretty window coverings. They are known to be exceptionally efficient at reducing heat in the Summer. They also function as an excellent insulator of heat and significantly reduce the amount of energy needed for your air conditioning system. Some people may think, ok, but Summer (or the hot season) comes and goes. Is it worth investing in interior shutters in West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire? The answer is yes! Plantation shutters are one of the best investments in your home. Here you can find a multitude of reasons why you should fit interior shutters to your windows.

How can I benefit from the Heat-Blocking Properties of Interior Shutters?

  • Interior Shutters keep your rooms cool when needed.

Properly installed and well-designed plantation shutters are the ideal choice for making most of the heat-blocking properties of interior shutters and creating a comfortable room environment in the Summer. Shutters are more energy-efficient than drapes or blinds, as they not only block sunlight, but they are great at keeping things in your room, such as furniture, relatively cool.

  • You will sweat less when it is hot and stay comfortable in your home or office at all seasons when you use the interior shutters.

Shutters allow you to open up your windows while the louvres can be left shut and adjusted, allowing you to gain airflow throughout your room as well as blocking out harsh direct sunlight.

  • Interior shutters come in many different configurations to suit your needs and taste, giving you a lot of flexibility as a homeowner.

They can be made from many different materials and colours, and you can find them in various styles to fit your house’s décor. The main factors that will influence which interior shutter will be suitable for each window are the measurements and the amount of privacy you need. Please click here to read more about different interior shutter configurations and decide the main role you want them to play.

  • Interior Shutters help to protect furniture from harmful UV rays.

It is not uncommon to own expensive furniture that you want to protect from damage caused by the sun. If left unprotected, natural sunlight can spoil your furniture. The UV rays in the direct sunlight can discolour or fade your furniture and damage your furniture’s finish.

With all the Heat-Blocking Properties of Interior Shutters in mind, you might be considering getting them fitted to your windows. If you would like to book your free at-home appointment or need more information on how plantation shutters can benefit you and your home during Summer and the other seasons, please give us a call on 0800 999 6064. Alternatively, contact us via our contact form.

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