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Advantages of Bedroom Shutters for Windows

Are plantation shutters suitable for bedroom windows? Important benefits of having Plantation Shutters in the Bedroom.

bedroom shutters for windows
bedroom shutters for windows

Bedroom Shutters for Windows in West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey or Berkshire, are always a great addition. Not only the add so much character to space, but they offer so much more than some people might not even realise. We wrote this blog article to help customers understand how beneficial it is to invest in bedroom shutters for windows. Please find below a list of the top advantages of interior shutters in bedrooms.

  1. Privacy If you are looking for bedroom shutters for windows, you must need keeping your private life just that….private. Protecting privacy inside your own home is paramount for many people in the present day and age. Plantation Shutters are a classy way of adding more privacy to every bedroom. They aren’t just for decor. They are perfect for maintaining privacy while allowing maximum light into the room during the day. From the design point of view, bedroom shutters for windows come in a wide range of configurations and provide the ability to customise them exactly how you desire. Which style you decide to opt for often depends on which design detail best reflects your personal taste. The most popular bedroom shutters for windows are plantation shutters in full height configuration. Shutter panels for windows over 1200 mm in height in this style come with a mid-rail. All to allow individual operation of the top and bottom louvre sections and make the taller panels more sturdy. To browse other shutter configurations, please click here.

  2. Light control Everyone has different requirements for a good sleep. Light management to create the environment you want is easy with bedroom shutters for windows. Plantation Shutters provide a fantastic opportunity to control the amount of light that enters your bedroom through the windows. This feature could help you adjust the light levels to suit your needs as the day goes on. Louvred shutters allow tilting the slats to an angle that suits you. Adjust the light levels, so your bedroom is as dark or bright as you wish. When interior shutters aren’t enough to create a perfectly dark environment, there is an option to go for blackout shutters for bedroom windows. These are designed with the perfect night’s sleep in mind and achieve what is required. Click here and discover Blackout Shutters for bedroom windows. People with a need for darkness in their bedroom during the day should also consider solid panel interior shutters. With no slats, solid interior shutters block the light effectively.

  3. Noise Reduction Did you know that Plantation shutters are one of the most effective ways to reduce the levels of noise that enters your home? Bedroom shutters for windows can help to eliminate the noise pollution coming to your bedroom from the outdoor. If you live on a busy road, have noisy neighbours often listening to loud music and struggle to get a good night’s sleep, think bedroom shutters for windows. Made to measure from high-quality wood bedroom shutters create a noise-absorbing barrier across the window. To find out more about the noise blocking power of interior shutters, click here and read our dedicated blog article.

  4. Bedroom Decor Another advantage that should be mentioned when it comes to bedroom shutters for windows is adding the calming factor. Most of us treat bedrooms as an oasis for rest and comfort. If you belong to these people and wonder how to enhance your bedroom’s relaxing look and feel, one of the easiest ways to do this is to update the window dressing. Shutters have that timeless ability for a subtly stylish and calm look. With plantation shutters for windows, you can easily make a bold statement and an optimal impact on your bedroom’s look. They come in multiple colours that look elegant and appealing while at the same time dressing the window in a minimalistic and modern style. Bear in mind that plantation shutters in white, cream and grey are the best for creating a cosy bedroom atmosphere. They never go out of fashion and look great in every bedroom window, even if you decide to revamp the interior.


Bedroom shutters for windows are not only great for adding an individual touch to properties, but they also possess a lot of other advantages that we mentioned above. They are a fantastic choice for window treatment and can be very rewarding.

Are you considering bedroom shutters for the windows in West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey or Berkshire? Get in touch with The House of Shutters, your local and experienced shutter designers, manufacturers and installers today. To discuss your requirements and options, call 0800 999 6064 or email us your enquiry.

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