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In principle, our louvre shutters come in 2 distinct flavours:

With front, centrally mounted control rods to adjust the angle of the louvre blades, (our Classic shutter design) or where the control rods are hidden and recessed into the back of the shutter panels, (our Lightline shutter design). It's a matter of visual preference as there is no other discernible difference to worry about. Classic is available in all louvre blade sizes, Lightline is available in 64mm and 88mm louvre blade widths only.

After that, there are the louvre blade widths themselves to consider. Basically, the larger (wider) the louvre choice, the fewer louvers will be in the panel. This creates a very simple, open look.

Small: 48mm (1 7/8” blade). Perhaps not as popular as it once was, the 48mm blade can provide a more detailed or delicate appearance and can sometimes be described as feeling more private due to the greater number of louvers over a given height. The result is that the view is diffused more which gives the user more of a sense of security from prying eyes. (though this is not strictly true). “Tipping the louvers (whatever size you choose) to a point where you can’t see out will give anyone looking in, the same, non-existent view!”

Medium: 64mm (2 ½” blade). A happy medium, well suited to any size opening or shutter panel width without over-powering. Gives a good balance between light and privacy.

Large: 89mm (3 ½” blade). Perhaps better suited when each shutter panel is quite wide or when an opening is quite tall. Also, when shutters need to spend most of their life across the opening, having wider louvers will help to maximise the light.

Extra large: 115mm (4 1/2" blade) / 127mm (5 1/2" blade). Special order items, available when a project calls for that "little bit extra". Pricing for these items is calculated on an order by order basis.

Semi-Solid: Semi-Solid shutters are a kind of hybrid shutter. Part louvre / part traditional solid shutter. This option can be useful if you are fitting shutters in front of a similar style doorway where the bottom half may be solid and the top half glazed. You can see an example of this type of shutter in the shutter gallery under Track mounted.

Semi-solid shutters are available in both Classic and Lightline and all the respective louvre sizes.



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