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The beauty in shutters lies in their unique installation options which leave other window treatments in the shade.

Where do they fit: Shutters can be installed within a recess, up against the window frame (if a recess exists) or they can be mounted at the front of a recess or even face mounted to fold back against a wall (subject to overall width and operational limits). Usually, mounting in the recess will produce a more integrated look. Face (or front) mounting can sometimes reduce the feeling of space in a room so think about the room as a whole when deciding on which position will best suit the situation and environment.

How do they fit: In broad terms, there are 4 basic ways to install them:

Café style: Just refers to covering some, but not all of the window or door height in question. You can just specify a particular point (transom or sash rail or similar) and decide that’s where you want the shutters to stop.

Full height: Refers to an installation where the shutters cover the full height of the window or door in one single section. Depending on the height of the shutter panels, they may have a horizontal mid rail positioned in the centre or at a convenient or pertinent height to line up with a transom or sash rail.

Tier on Tier: Think of a stable door. That’s tier on tier! 2 sets of shutters installed one on top of the other. Both sets operate completely independently from the other allowing you to fold back the top set while keeping the bottom set shut across the window, or vice versa, or all open or all closed. A great solution for maximising light while maintaining privacy lower down.

Track installations: When an opening exceeds a certain width and you must have the option of clearing the shutters completely off the window or door then track installations are the way to go. Some downsides exist with regard to access and flexibility when it comes to the opening of them but in some cases it’s a perfect solution for minimising stress or excessive weight that could cause the shutters to drop over time. They also provide tremendous ease of use when dealing with wider openings.

"Whole walls of shutters have been known!"



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