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Supporting British Manufacturing has never been easier and by doing so, you too can take advantage of:

  1. Fine quality hardwood window shutters made here in Sussex!
  2. Deliveries in 1/2 the typical industry lead time
  3. Express delivery schedules (where conditions permit) at no extra cost!
  4. First class customer service
  5. A company that's working with you, not just for you
  6. A company not restricted by production line policies
  7. First class industry knowledge that's second to no-one
  8. A company that can "think outside the box"
  9. A company that can offer services beyond your initial purchase
  10. An accurate portrayal of how we operate and where your purchase actually comes from.

At the end of the day...

Just honest, friendly, Knowledgeable service All the way.


The House of Shutters as a business has been around for almost 20 years now in one form or another.

In 1996 however...

It was taken over by the current owner.

"At that point we were one of less than a handful of companies who saw the uniqueness and versatility that shutters could bring to the dowdy uninspiring window treatments arena of the day".

Initially we were importing shutters from the US, having them finished in the UK and then fitted by the owner himself. It didn't take long to quickly establish ourselves in this fledgling UK industry.

Throughout the late 90's we saw the industry begin to take shape but the lack of UK manufacturing saw high costs, long delivery times and a general lack of continuity and choice for early adopters.

In 1999...

We saw an advantage for our customers in taking more control of the expanding business and the issues that importing brought to it. This period saw the introduction of a finishing workshop, our first employee, and our first real taste of what running a small plant in the UK could bring to the industry.

In 2000...

A move to larger premises allowed us to think about moving into shutter production for the first time. Incorporating everything we had learned about the finishing processes and having previously dealt with one of the largest and most established shutter companies in US, we knew what we wanted to do and so embarked on a journey towards providing the first full time shutter manufacturing facility right here in the UK.

In 2001...

We were able to provide our first "home made" order to the public. A proud day for us and the start of a long and steep learning curve to say the least.


Allowed us to invest in some dedicated and bespoke shutter manufacturing plant and machinery. In fact at that time we were the very first UK customer for the American company who supplied us! Consistency in our product manufacturing processes saw enormous benefits in our ability to provide high quality wood shutters and to this day, a unique opportunity to provide bespoke installations through innovation and customer preference rather than default production installation procedures.

"We basically create an installation how it needs to be, not how a supplier tells us it has to be!"


Saw us moving again to a more suitable site and from then, right up to today we have successfully continued to provide a dedicated UK production facility for those who share our ideals and work ethic. Even in light of the "shutter explosion" that is now gripping the country, we remain the only company who appears to see it from the customer's point of view.

Thank you for visiting, enjoy your stay and give us a call if you have any questions or queries.

The House Of Shutters




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